We Offer A Wide Variety of Fun Activities for Seniors

Madison Senior Center makes an effort to provide a variety of things to keep the senior community healthy and happy. Come up and visit and check out all the options available to the community.

Fitness Room

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We have a complete set of equipment for you exercise needs. A full Bow Flex is available as well a 2 exercise apparatus for the legs and a back crunch machine. There is a full body exerciser that is in almost constant use to get those miles in as well as an upper body exercise. Marlon is available to guide you through the set up and use of each apparatus. We even have included a TV to keep you up to date on the news, weather or to watch a movie. Open all day there is always room for you.

Recreational Activities

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The Senior Center is always looking for ways to provide enrichment in your life. There are frequent trips to various venues and sites throughout the state and many discussions on issues of concern. Check out the Calendar on this site to see upcoming events.

Computer Lab & Learning

We have 5 PCs dedicated to our members with high speed internet access and limited printing. Come by if you have a slow connection or a damaged PC and just need to check your mail. These are usually busy just before lunch but you are welcome to join in the solitaire crowd. We may get a tournament going since they are getting so good. If you need help with your knowledge of a PC don’t despair. We have a class where you can ask for instructions on either the basic use or a specific problem. Soon these PCs we have the complete office suite thanks to the generosity of Microsoft and their donation.

Arts, Crafts and Other Educational Programs


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The Senior Center has a room dedicated to crafts. You will find anything from seasonal decorations, knitting to quilt making taking place there along with the usual banter since everyone is friendly. This room has been rated a our loudest due to the volume of laughter. Come by and find out how you can enjoy your hobby or share what you know with the group.