Health Fair July 2019!!

Awesome turnout !! Thank you vendors, staff and public who came out to support us !! We appreciate you and look forward to your continued support !!

Patricia Day with the Dept. of Health presented us with hurricane emergency buckets to give to the seniors !! what a wonderful surprise !! 5-16-19

peggy minter (L) w/Patricia Day

Lonnie Robinson (L) with Patricia Day

Walter Solomon Winner of the Mother’s Day Raffle !! Congrats to him !!

                    Mothers Day Celebration 5/9/19


      Share a Meal 5/8/19 !! Great food and fun !!

Low Impact Exercise w/Tarre Stanley 5/8/19 !!

Blood Pressure Checks w/Bobbie Jo/Kindred at Home !! 5/2/19

Bobbie Jo and Viola Smith


                        Easter Celebration 2019 !!