Being The Best That We Can Be!

The Senior Citizens Council of Madison County, Inc. offers a variety of services that includes and are not limited for various needs of the elderly population. Our staff and many volunteers emphasize positive aging for seniors in our community to help prevent pre-mature in-home or nursing care.

Case Management

Trained and licensed. Client centered service that assist the older adult or caregiver with identifying physical and emotional needs and problems through and interview, completes and assessment with the input of the client or caregiver, discusses and develops a plan of services which addresses these needs, arranges and coordinates agreed upon services, and monitors the quality and effectiveness of the services. Case management is a service for actively enrolled clients, provides continuing support and addresses the changing needs of enrolled clients.

Case Managers will provide information and connect the client or care giver with other community resources that will meet their needs.


Active efforts to reach target individuals face to face, either in a community setting or in their home. One on one contact is made by identifying their needs and encouraging them to use available resources. The targeted population is sixty years old or older, medically inclined, low-income, socially isolated, minority, disabled and eighteen years of age or older with diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.

Information and Assistance

The Resource Department responds to inquires from a person or persons that are requesting assistance on behalf of a person or for themselves, regarding public and private resources and available services. After hours and weekend calls are covered by an answering device which informs the caller of the appropriate contact numbers. Contact can be by letter, phone call or by visitation to our office.

In-Home Services

The agency offers a variety of additional services that includes: Case management, screening and assessment,  housekeeping, pest control, emergency alert response systems, home delivered meals, health prevention, chore information, telephone reassurance, companionship, nutritional eduction and more.

Medicaid Waiver Program

The purpose of the Medicaid Waiver Program is designed to help senior citizens remain independent in the lifestyle of their choice. The program is available to those 60 years of age and older. There are no fees for these services, however, certain restrictions apply.

Older Americans Act Program

The purpose of the Older Americans Act Program is designed to help senior citizens remain independent in the lifestyle of their choice. The program is available to those 60 years of age and older.

Emergency Home Energy Assistance Program (EHEAP)

Is a federal funded program, that assist seniors in paying their home energy bill, if there is a crisis. This EHEAP program will pay the amount needed up to $600 per case, with a limit of two cases per year. Applicants must be 60 or older, have low income, be approved by SRA, have a letter from the utility company that service has been planned to be terminated, or if you receive food stamps. Contact our office in Madison if you would like to apply for energy assistance.

Enhanced Family Services

Enhanced family Services program is a private pay program designed to help persons 50 years old and older. It provides services 24/7 evenings and weekends.No income eligibility or assessment of your home. Services can be provided in the home, hospital and nursing home.

Material Aide

We offer aid in the form of goods or food. Food is distributed to congregate and homebound clients once a month or on an as needed basis to clients with low income. These actions assure that food is in the clients home for the entire month. Goods are items that are donated by other organizations which are clothing, bedding, house hold items, alert detectors, fans, medical supplies, heaters, appliances, furniture, etc.

Medical Equipment

Our Rescue Closet Program loans out equipment up to eight weeks, if the items is needed longer a request may be placed for an extension. Items to be loaned are walkers, wheelchairs (manual and electric), tub seats, portable commodes, canes, transfer board and crutches free of charge to seniors.

Recreational Activities

A number of activities are offered by the Senior Center which includes crafts, bridge, bingo, quilting, fishing trips, bowling, button day, hat day, birthday parties, arts, crafts, jewelry making, leather working and many other exciting things to do. Learn more about our recreational activities.