Keeping Seniors Healthy, Active, Fit and Safe

The Senior Citizens Council, of Madison County, staff works closely with agencies in both Madison and surrounding areas to offer services at a low cost or no cost to seniors. With cooperation from the Madison Country Memorial Hospital, North Florida Community College, City of Madison, Madison County Commission Workforce, churches, Catholic charities, community colleges, medical professionals and other volunteers we can provide comprehensive programs that benefit our local seniors.

Our services are comprised of programs and services that are designed to keep our local seniors both physically and mentally fit.

Health Fairs

We serve the areas of Madison County (Greenville, Lee, Pinetta, Sirmans) and provides frequently health fairs at these locations. Organizations that provides services to the elderly come together to educate and provide information to seniors. These organizations include and are not limited to the following :

AARP, Tax Assistance, Elder Support Services, Legal Service of North Florida, Madison Memorial Hospital, Option Care, Angel Communications, Madison County Community Bank, Eye Savers, Madison Health Department, Big Bend Hospice , Area Agency on Aging of Northwest Florida, Inc., and many more.


Active efforts to reach target individuals face to face, either in a community setting or in their home. One on one contact is made by identifying their needs and encouraging them to use available resources. The targeted population is sixty years old or older, medically inclined, low-income, socially isolated, minority, disabled and eighteen years of age or older with diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.


Nutrition education is provided every month for seniors and nutritional staff. Nutritional information is distributed to seniors that attend the Senior Center for activities and home bound seniors. Diabetic Counseling also provided by the Madison County Health Department with nutrition education.


Transportation is one of the largest challenges seniors face. We offer transportation to and from the Senior Center, delivery meals to home bound seniors, weekly shopping, field trips, medical appointments and training. The Senior Center offers educational opportunities that will enhance knowledge and mental stability by providing training, various speakers on prevention, signs and how to manage various illnesses, health professionals on identity theft prevention, tax changes, safety prevention, driver safety and much more.


Seminars and presentations are held at both sites, which provides an opportunity to enhance knowledge, mental stability and well-being of our elderly population. Speakers volunteer their services to educate and train persons on specialized tops: prevention, tax changes, drive safety, medications, nutrition, health and awareness, various illnesses, diseases, signs and other various topics.

Serving Health Insurance Needs of The Elderly (SHINE)

SHINE is a statewide volunteer – based program that empowers people on Medicare and their caregivers to make informed decisions about their Medicare and other health insurance issues. Volunteers undergo intensive training. SHINE volunteers provides individual counseling, education and assistance at sites. You can obtain assistance or more information from a SHINE counselor in the community by calling the toll-free Elder Helpline at 1-800-96-ELDER (1-800-963-5337).

Caregiver Support Group

The Caregiver Support Group is provided at the Senior Center on the second and fourth Thursdays from 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. This service is provided to help inspire hope and a sense of well-being by helping caregivers learn to better manage their lives, keep home and work separate, utilize available services, stay engaged with peers  plan and take time off for themselves, avoid burnout and depression and maintain good physical health.


The Senior Center offers a vast array of activities including: Jewelry making, leatherwork, sing-along songs, bingo, puzzles and much more. Click Here to Visit our Activities page.

The Senior Center also receives donated items from various community agencies, individuals and surrounding agencies that assess  meeting their needs.